Im selling my gecko named Geico :) . He is yellow/black/brown, he is now approx 7.5" long from nose to end of tail. He is such an amazing first lizard pet, love him so much but im starting college while working and wont have enough time for him. He comes with a rock fountain, one more change of bedding, some repashy nutrient food, 100 super worms, 24 gallon tank-with a mesh screen, a rock feeding dish (worms cant crawl out) He prefers to be fed by hand believe it or not. He is awesome to hold, at first he loves to crawl and jump but settles down fast. He is very healthy, never had any problems. I will switch from his nutrient food to worms every other day. The beauty of crested geckos are that you dont have the heated lamp expense, as long as its room temperature theyre ok. They do prefer heat but its not a necessity. I want someone who will take care of him and not starve or abuse him, Thanks!